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14 February 16:00 - 18:00Openlab

Get lucky!
You are invited to the second ‘Share, Mingle and Inspire’ meetup!

Openlab is launching a new meetup format that extends your network and brings new insights to tackle your challenges in the sector/branch you are operating in. We do this by asking you to present your challenge, failure or success to an audience of likeminded people. Inspire each other by sharing!

Presentation format - ‘Five by five’

Every presenter will get five minutes and five slides to share their story. As we are many that will attend to hear your thoughts we have a limit of five presentations per meetup. Each ‘Share, Mingle and Inspire’ will have a topic that attracts people with a certain passion or curiosity. 

Topic - Future of Healthcare

Our topic will be ‘Future of Healthcare’. We believe that in healthcare we are facing some of the most important societal challenges. Healthcare and the access to it, is crucial for everyone. Healthcare connects to innovation, culture, business, climate and urban living. To work with the future of healthcare is a way to innovate for a better society and a tool to explore the future of living.

Open Innovation

‘Share, Mingle and Inspire’ is centred around open innovation and will give guidelines how to share. Openlab is in favour of open innovation because we believe business and innovation are going in that direction and that we are also forced by societal and technological change to do so. 

So, why not start with attending ‘Share Mingle and Inspire’ and be part of the movement. You will get surprised how many people will support and share their experience with you and how it will profit your own goals.

Get lucky! 

'Luck is where opportunity meets preparation.' Seneca

Every meetup will also have a lottery where you can win nice prices. As (quote of someone successful person): ‘Becoming successful you need also a bit of luck!’

Join us here! 

Please send an email to if you want to be one of the presenters and share your story about Food Design and Innovation!


Share, Mingle & Inspire!

All you need to know

The event takes places at Openlab. We meet in "the Room" on the third floor at the office of Openlab. We start with 5 small presentations, after which there will be plenty of time for a mingle with all the participants.

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Allan Montan

Igeia Health Labs

Igeia Health Labs is an innovation driven organization pioneering health and wellness projects. We collaborate cross disciplinary with the public sector, corporations, industry, academia and research programs to co-create best possible health outcomes. We are offering solutions for preventive health management to both private sector (occupational health) and public health sector.

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Björn Arvidsson

Roche - Doing now what patients need next.

Roche is a global pioneer in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics focused on advancing science to improve people’s lives. The combined strengths of pharmaceuticals, informatics and diagnostics have made Roche the leader in personalised healthcare – a strategy that aims to fit the right treatment to the right patient in the right time.

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Kristoffer Fagerfjäll

Sirona - Better health, better healthcare

Sirona Health Solutions designs, develops and implements innovative and results-oriented health programs that contribute to better health and health care. We cooperate with county councils, municipalities, government agencies and private organisations to improve health care results in forms of medical quality, quality of life, equality and productivity.

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Jenny Annebäck

Expedition Mondial

As a service designer I always have the human in center, working to improve the experience and meet the needs of people. One of the greatest projects I have done so far was together with the social service in Angered, Gothenburg - the biggest social service center in Northern Europe. On my five slides I will try to share my reflections on that journey and what challenged us in our work.

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Glenn Bilby

Qinematic AB

Movement related health problems affect one third of the population. 100 million Europeans have chronic pain and falls cost Sweden 23 bkr/year. Qinematic is software that turns an off-the-shelf sensor into a 3D movement lab, to identify existing or potential problems with balance, posture or movement patterns.

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